The Road of Knowledge

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" The Road of Knowledge"
   Ephesians 1:15-23

1. We can know the hope of our calling in Christ.
~  God hasn't given up on us.
~  We can be witnesses for Christ.
~  We can get through trials and temptations.
~  We have hope even in the face of death.

2. We can know the true riches of Christ.
~  God's love abides in us.
~  We experience fellowship.
~  We experience joy and peace.

3. We can know the exceeding greatness of Christ's power.
~  It is delivering power.
~  It is transforming power.
~  It is keeping power.

4. How can we know God's hope, riches, and power?
~  We must align our lives with God's purposes.
~  If you are in God's will, you will have his strength and presence to carry it out.

Is your life aligned with the will of God for you?