The Road of Unity

Ephesians 4:1-6

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Unity and Faith:
· Unity is a major part of our walk of faith with Christ. 
· A walk worthy of the calling of being a Christian is to be part of the church with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
· Unity is practiced in the Family of God, the church.

Unity Is the Goal:
· Unity is more important than us having our own way.
· Unity is not uniformity, but we see unity as being more important than our disagreements.

Attitudes in Unity:
· Lowliness of mind – the humble recognition of the worth of others.
· Gentleness (meekness) – strength under control.
· Longsuffering – patience with aggravating people.

Unity is Powerful:
· It proves Jesus is real.
· The best advertisement for the church is you!

What are you doing to promote unity?