The Road of Light

Ephesians 5:1-18

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Spiritual Darkness:

  • Without Christ darkness is ignorance, error, wrong and evil.

Examples of Darkness:

  • · Sexual immorality; a rejection of God’s plan and design.
  • · Uncleanness; living in a lustful and wasteful way.
  • · Covetousness or greediness.
  • · Filthiness; foolish talking or coarse jesting.

The Result of Spiritual Darkness:

  • · Those who are in Spiritual Darkness will not be part of the kingdom of God and Christ.

Spiritual Light:

  • · As Christians we are light.
  • · The world is dying to see authentic Christianity.

Walk as children of light:

  • · Truth is something we do!
  • · Walk carefully.
  • · Yield to the Holy Spirit.

Are we light or are we darkness?