What Will It Take To Believe?

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The Greatest Example
Rising Above the Me Generation

John 13:1-17

Rising Above the Me Generation

  • A life lived only for self and leaves Christ out of the picture has a way of falling apart.

Moving Beyond Selfishness

  • Jesus lived with a sense of "What does my Heavenly Father want me to do now?"
  • We must be willing to sacrifice our human will and operate according to God's time table.

The Example of Feet Washing

  • It is a graphic reminder and example of what we should be doing as followers of Christ.
  • As a Christian, you are here as His servant to show His love to others.

Moving Beyond Selfishness

  • Realize you are a child of God who is saved by His grace and loved unconditionally.
  • Realize you are here to share His unconditional love with others.