What Does It Take To Believe

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The Greatest Miracle
Mark 16:1-8

A Miracle: A supernatural occurrence or act - something thought impossible.

The News: "He is risen! He is not here!"
The first three who heard this news were fearful, afraid, and didn't tell anyone.

The Disciples did not believe.
Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and then appeared to two others as they walked out in the country. They then told the disciples.

Something Happened Here!
The empty tomb, the resurrection, the church, millions of changed lives, and this Easter celebration itself lets us know the Christian faith is not a delusion or a hoax.

The Disciples believed as they experienced the risen Christ.
Jesus doesn't want us to have just an intellectual belief. He wants to get hold of our hearts and change us from within.

The war is over. The victory has been won. Jesus is alive and we need to act like it and live like it!